Jemma is a minifestival for everyone interested in visual culture and political or social activism. The festival is organized by Feminist Comics Action and held in Akkuna Gallery at Lasipalatsi on 2.–13.9.2014. The program is free of charge.  Register at Akkuna 15 min. before the workshops begin!



Tuesday 2.9.

Journalist Anniina Mustalahti & photographer Veera Pitkänen: Research & photography

How can you use a photo to communicate, for example, if you don’t have a spoken language in common? Experiences from workshops with voodoo-students in Benin. Time. 17-19

Wednesday 3.9.

Zsa Zsa Zine (Netherlands): Mini Comic Jam -zine workshop

In the workshop of this queerfeminist zine group you can make collective mini comics. Sheet is passed on, the story is born, a zine is born. Time: 16-19

Opening party

In the alcohol-free, no-age-limit opening party Partyjumppa Team is playing music. Drawing and fresh beverages. Time: 18-20

Friday 5.9.

Taina Hakala: Collage workshop

We use scissors and glue to crash the old stereotypes – the material is found in fashion and ladies’ magazines. Time: 16-18

Lisa Mandel (France): Meet the Artist

Lisa Mandel started her career with comics for teenagers. She has worked on freshening up the gender roles in her comics by telling stories about princesses liking other princesses, and lesbian super heroes, among other topics. Time 18-19

Saturday 6.9.

Team Pärvelö: Group-funding a comics antology

Team Pärvelö published their lesbian themed historical comics antology Lepakkoluola with a group funding service. Hanna-Pirita Lehkonen & Laura Haapamäki share the experience. Time: 13-14

Anna-Leena Kankaanpää: New seams on old T-shirts

We will make new fashion out of former years’ Comics Festival T-shirts. House offers the shirts and an overlocking machine! If possible, bring a pair of good scissors.
Time: 15-18

Sunday 7.9.

Mustikka collective: Illustrated mini lectures

Mustikka collective has two lectures, 15 minutes each. They hope that the listeners will draw pictures (/comics) of these lectures. Pens/pencils and paper provided!

Welcome queer revolution! Time: 13-14

Anarchistic love? Time: 16-17

Anne Elisabeth Moore (USA): Meet the Artist

Comic artist, journalist and a founder of the Ladydrawers collective Anne Elisabeth Moore if one of the most interesting names of informational comics. Now she’s showing us her own zine production. Time: 14.30-15.30

Tuesday 9.9.

Utopia Helsinki: Poster workshop

In Utopia’s poster workshop the participants design and sketch the next Utopia poster as a collective. Utopia is a culture group that promotes accessibilty and safe space. What kind of a poster would speak to everyone, and not leave anyone out? Time: 16-19

Wednesday 10.9.

Night of Yacky

In this workshop you can fix old racist, sexist or in anyway dumb comics to a better state. You can use collage, rewrite bubbles or fix the pictures. We provide some yacky material, but you can also bring in something you hate. Time: 17-19

Thursday 11.9.

Utopia Helsinki: Radical cross-stitching

Radical cross-stitching you can stitch something revolutional to decorate your room with. Time: 16-19

Saturday 13.9.

Night of Big Fans & the Close-up party

Women, jealous?! In the great night of tributes we make fan mail and cover comics for some lady comic artists and other idols. Time:17-20


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