Exploration of identity, comics workshop with Elke Renate Steiner at Helsinki Comics Festival

Time: Friday 29/8, 4.30–8.30PM
Place: Goethe-Institut Helsinki, Salomonkatu 5B, seminar room
Cost: Free

After some easy exercises and tasks we will collect material for comics on the issue of exploration of identity. After that each participant will work on their own short comic with individual corrections. The workshop ends with a small internal exhibition of the results, just for our own pleasure. Participation is limited (up to 12).



Elke Renate Steiner (b. 1971) is a Berlin-based comics artist and illustrator. She has held many comics workshops in Russia and in Germany and does live drawing gigs. The subjects of her work are human rights, judaism and LGBTI themes.

Steiner has published several comic books, the newest being Die anderen Mendelssohns – Karl Mendelssohn Bartholdy (Reprodukt 2015).

Her comics have been published at BubbleGun (CS), Words Without Borders (USA), Ottar (S), L’Association (F), LeMonde Diplomatique, Renate, Moga Mobo, Panel ambixious Comix, Männerschwarm (D) and others.

Steiner is an invited guest of the Helsinki Comics Festival, Femicomix Finland and Goethe Institut Finland.

Link to Facebook event

Steiner’s website: http://steinercomix.de

Helsinki Comics Festival / Helsingin sarjakuvafestivaalit 28–30/8/15


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