Meowspheres Seaside Gathering by Mustikka, at Salin Comics Camp 2016

Friends! Welcome to Meowspheres Seaside Gathering by Mustikka, the first warm up event of our Meowspheres Summer Tour 2016!

How joyful to have a chance to meet you again and organize a workshop for you at the Salin Comics Camp 2016 by Feministinen Sarjakuvatoiminta the 12th of April at 16:00! Last year at our event in Villa Salin we formulated tens of questions concerning queer time to inspire the participants visualize alternative time frames. This year we will formulate lots of questions concerning our ongoing project, the elaboration of Cat Feminism & Cat Philosophy. Everyone is most welcome! Registration not obligatory!

How best to promote animal rights? Could part of this be to recognize our own animal predecessors and nonhuman becomings? How could art help here? Does art have a genealogy that links it to the sexual forces of different animals as feminist philosopher Elizabeth Grosz suggests? What would meowspheres be like as we call them here in Mustikka, either inner or outer places where all thematic questions would be thought taking into account the fact that humans are one animal species among many; animal rights including human rights; and our possibility to be energized by different animal species and their forces?

Let’s dream & draw, glide & crawl, rage & love! See you at Meowspheres Seaside Gathering, Tiirasaarentie 2, Helsinki, the 12th of April 2016 at 16:00!

Mustikka Collective

Salin Comics Camp: