Kuti #40 – FemiKuti!

Spring 2016 FEMSKT FemiComix Finland was invited to co-edit an issue of Kuti magazine, a free comics tabloid with international fame! Kuti is published by KutiKuti comics collective. All the printed issues are out already, but you can still read FemiKuti from ISSUU. Do that and discover new feminist comics artists from all over the world!

Bang Bang Girl Gang by Emmi Valve

Cover: Bang Bang Girl Gang by Emmi Valve

Editing Kuti was fun but also surprisingly difficult. Lots of good stuff had to be left out, as always. Communication was sometimes complicated with so many people involved. I wish we had more diversity in participants. It seems difficult to get a word out outside your own bubble in social media. You need time to make a name but this was a one-off. On the other hand, we got loads and loads of good comics! See for yourself.

I’d like to publish more to make things better!